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Rental Equipment

Mobility Solutions proudly provides high quality rental equipment at an affordable cost.
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Private Pay Rentals

Please note: Facility rentals are monthly only.

Product Weight Cap Day Week Month
Transport Wheelchair
300 lbs. N/A $30 $55
Transport Wheelchair - Heavy Duty
500 lbs. N/A $55 $90
Standard Wheelchair
300 lbs. N/A $35 $65
Lightweight Wheelchair
250 lbs. N/A $45 $95
20" Wheelchair - Heavy Duty
300 lbs. N/A $65 $90
22", 24" Wheelchair - Heavy Duty
450 lbs. N/A $85 $145
28", 30" Wheelchair - Extra Heavy Duty

XHD Wheelchair

600 lbs. N/A $90 $185
Reclining Back Wheelchair

Reclinging back WC

250 lbs. N/A N/A $145
Elevating Leg Rests

Elevating Leg Rests

N/A N/A $10 $30
Manual Tilt with Back & Headrest

Manual Tilt w Back and Headrest 2

250 lbs. N/A N/A $395
Manual Tilt with Back & Headrest - Heavy Duty

Manual Tilt w Back and Headrest Heavy Duty

350 lbs. N/A N/A $450
Manual Tilt with Back, Headrest, Laterals

Manual Tilt w Back and Headrest and Laterals

250 lbs. N/A N/A $465
HTR - Tilt and Recline, Heavy Duty

HTR Tilt and Recline

250 lbs. N/A N/A $270
Group 2 Power Chair

Group 2 Power Wheelchair

Varies N/A N/A $300
Group 3 Power Chair


Varies N/A N/A $800

Scooter Larger Battery Pack

Scooter Larger Battery Pack

325 lbs.





Knee Walker with Basket

Knee walker with basket

250 lbs. N/A N/A

Lift Chair

275 lbs. N/A N/A $250
ROHO Cushion

ROHO cushion

N/A N/A N/A $75
Hospital Bed, Semi/Full
450 lbs. N/A N/A $150
Hospital Bed, High/Low
450 lbs. N/A N/A $185
Hospital Bed, Bariatric
600 lbs. N/A N/A $350
Over Bed Table
N/A N/A N/A $35
Trapeze, Free Standing

Free Standing Trapeze

250 lbs. N/A N/A $50
Trapeze, Bed Attached

Trapeze Bed Attached

250 lbs. N/A N/A $45
Trapeze, Bariatric

Trapeze Bariatric

1000 lbs. N/A N/A $115
Low Air Loss Mattress

Low Air Loss Mattress

350 lbs. N/A N/A $350
Alternating Pressure Pad Mattress

Alternating Pressure Pad

250 lbs. N/A N/A $55
Patient Lift
400 lbs. N/A N/A $95
Electric Patient Lift
450 lbs. N/A N/A $250
Stand Aid Electric Lift

Electric Patient Lift

440 lbs. N/A N/A $250

CPM Machine

275 lbs. $15 N/A


N/A N/A N/A $30
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