Does your client qualify for a power wheelchair?

Doctor Client Team

The coverage criteria for power wheelchairs has changed drastically in recent times and Mobility Solutions wants to help you to understand these changes. In order to determine if a power wheelchair is right for your client, you may use the following information as a guide to document the Medicare requirements.


  • Your client must have an office visit with you to discuss the need for the Power Mobility Device (PMD).
  • You may bill Medicare for this visit - CPT Code: G0372 in addition to your office visit.


* * All documentation must be in your normal office note * *

tiny green checkStep One:

  • Document the client's primary complaint regarding the PMD and why a walker or a manual wheelchair will not accommodate the client's mobility needs within their home environment.

tiny green checkStep Two:

  • Document that you are recommending a PMD to perform Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADL).
    • Examples include: toileting, grooming, eating, etc.

tiny green checkStep Three:

  • Refer the client to an independent PT/OT for a complete mobility evaluation.

tiny green checkStep Four:

  • Write a separate prescription for the PT/OT evaluation.

tiny green checkStep Five:

  • Fax all of the above information to Mobility Solutions at 727-375-2113 or toll free 1-855-329-2674.