Manual Tilt & Space Coverage

Manual Tilt & Space Coverage

Manual Tilt w Back and Headrest 2

  • tiny green checkThe client is wheelchair dependent and requires the use of the wheelchair primarily inside the home.

  • tiny green checkThe client is unable to effectively weight shift throughout the day and is at risk for skin breakdown on the back or bottom.
  • tiny green checkThe client must have an evaluation performed by a Licensed / Certified Medical Professional (LCMP) that is one of the following:
    • A Physical Therapist
    • An Occupational Therapist
    • A Physician that has specific training and experience in rehabilitation wheelchair evaluations

  • tiny green checkThe professional (from the list above) has documented the medical necessity for the wheelchair and its special features.
  • tiny green checkThe LCMP may have no financial relationship with the supplier.
  • tiny green checkThe wheelchair is provided by a Rehabilitative Technology Supplier (RTS) that employs a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who specializes in wheelchairs and who has direct, in-person involvement in the wheelchair selection for the client.