Free Battery Testing

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Battery Testing & Charging Instructions

If you believe that your batteries may be performing poorly, you may bring them into our retail showroom and our technician will run a free diagnostic check on your batteries. Often times, bad batteries are causing your equipment to function improperly.

We are more than happy to test your charger and batteries in our showroom at no charge.

We encourage you to bring your equipment with you if at all possible.

We are more than happy to come to your home and test your charger and batteries. In that case, our standard in-home $60.00 service charge will apply.

Appointments are strongly suggested but not required.

Please call us at 727-375-2102 or toll free 1-866-820-7800 to schedule an appointment.


Battery Charging Instructions

*Always be sure to fully charge your batteries prior to use*

New Equipment and/or New Battery Charging Instructions:

green arrow During the first week of ownership of a new mobility device or new batteries, you want to charge the batteries for a minimum of eight hours each night.

green arrow This should be done regardless of how much or how little the equipment was used during the day.

green arrow This process will condition the batteries and optimize their performance over time.

Charging Instructions for Conditioned Batteries:

DAILY / WEEKLY Equipment Use

Anytime the unit is used…

8 hours overnight



If the unit is not currently being used,

it still MUST be charged…

8 hours overnight

once per week

every week

green check mark
  • ALWAYS be sure that the connections are securely plugged in.
red x
  • NEVER allow your batter indicator / meter to move into the red.
red x
  • NEVER use extension cords.
red x
  • NEVER use an electrical outlet that is operated by a light switch.
red x
  • NEVER use chargers designed for automobiles or other equipment.
red x
  • NEVER remove the ground prong from the charger.
red x
  • NEVER leave batteries exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
red x
  • NEVER leave the charger plugged in for more than 24 hours.
red x
  • NEVER interrupt the charging cycle / DO NOT unplug during the charging cycle.

Traffic Light
GREEN = GO = Your batteries are charged.
YELLOW = CAUTION! It is time to charge your batteries as soon as possible.
RED = STOP! You’re about to lose power. Charge your batteries for 8 hours.