Complex Power VS Custom Manual

Custom Power Wheelchairs <VS> Custom Manual Wheelchairs

The coverage criteria for Complex Manual & Power Wheelchairs has changed drastically in recent times and Mobility Solutions wants to help you to understand these changes. To determine if a wheelchair is right for your client see the step by step process below:

tiny green check Step One:

  • The client must meet with his/her Physician for a face-to-face examination and discuss their mobility needs.
  • The physician must document in their chart notes why he/she feels that a wheelchair or power wheelchair is required for primary use in their home.
    • A cane or a walker must be considered and ruled out.
  • Once the office visit is completed, the Physician's office must fax a copy of the chart notes to Mobility Solutions at 727-375-2113 or toll free 1-855-329-2674.
    • Our office will request these notes once we are made aware of the appointment date.

tiny green check Step Two:

  • An independent Physical or Occupational Therapy company or the current Home Health Therapist will be contacted to complete a mobility assessment with the client and our seating specialist.
    • This assessment will determine the client's ability to perform their Mobility-Related Daily Activities (MRADL) Examples include: toileting, grooming, eating, etc.
  • Mobility Solutions will attempt to coordinate meeting the evaluating therapist with demo/trial equipment and complete the in-person assessment with our seating specialist.
    • This information is required to determine if the client can safely operate the manual or power wheelchair within their home and to determine the best mobility equipment.
  • Once the above information is received, Mobility Solutions will forward the information to the ordering physician for his/her review and signature.

tiny green check Step Three:

  • Mobility Solutions will complete the submission to insurance for authorization.

tiny green check Step Four:

  • Mobility Solutions will order the equipment and deliver it to the client's home and provide a full demonstration on how to safely operate it.
We offer one free follow up service on new equipment. Ask us for details.